Svetdanhaus guarantees all German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers to be healthy and up-to-date on all inoculations at time of purchase. NADSR registration, NADSR Pedigree, and AKC registration papers are also provided for each purchase. Some puppies are considered breed quality. Please contact us for information concerning breeding rights and pricing.

Svetdanhaus guarantees against all congenital defects that could result in a permanent disability confirmed by a licensed Veterinarian for one year from purchase with a free replacement of the same value.

Purchaser understands that proper care, nutrition, exercise, and a healthy housing environment is required to maintain proper health of your new dog. Purchaser also understands that certain stress factors such as heat, compulsive training, and environmental conditions (insects, excess moisture, exposure to unhealthy animals, etc…) can cause a substantial reduction in a dog’s resistance to disease and overall health.

The staff at Svetdanhaus Canine Services is very proud of its accomplishments, and the excellent canines being produced. We also take pride in proper screening of prospective buyers. Because we care about our canine companions and their futures some requirements for purchase may seem a little tedious. Please understand that your patience with this (for sale) procedure is greatly appreciated.